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tallahassee put all that work to a positive situation. jenna: not their inception. jon: thank you for joining us today. jenna: "america live" starts right now. megyn: fox news alert pope benedict xvi just wrapping up an historic appearance hours after scotland yard arrested five men who would have had a frightening level of access near where the pope was standing moments ago. welcome to "america live" on a friday i'm megyn kelly. right now the leader of the world's billion-plus catholics wrapped up a speech to both houses of parliament. you can see him on tape, this is laterally two minutes ago. hours ago scotland yard picking up some members of the cleaning crew scheduled to work around this building. here is what we know right now, the five suspects were working as london street cleaners. they were arrested a little bit more than six hours ago. the men's ages range between 26
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and 50. investigators acted on a tip that they received last night and they felt was extremely credible. as of right now we are told a search has not uncovered any weapons or hazardous items, as of right now. peter new man is the director for the international center for the study of rad ka liization at king's college in london. when you think of the fact that these were street cleaners and the abg test they would have in the role to the pontiff it's quite chilling. >> they were going to work at a site where the pope was going to appear. they would be free to roam around and get close to the pope. no one would have restricted them. if it turns out to be a plot it would have been an extremely sophisticated one. megyn: i want to point out to our viewers these are live pictures coming from us from london where the popemobile is making its way down the street, you can see the incredible
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crowds that have turned out to greet the pope. peter back to you. do we know anything about the five men? i've heard nothing more than some included -- were from algerian or begin but they were islamic terrorists, at least suspected, correct? >> that's as much as we know right now. they were algerian. we will have to see over the next few days what comes out. it is quite well-known that over the past decade in london there have been algerian al-qaida-type networks. so based on that very little evidence that we have right now there is a possibility that this might have an al-qaida connection, and of course for al-qaida the pope has always been a very symbolic and important target. megyn: why? >> it would make sense. megyn: why? >> the whole narrative of al-qaida is about the west and the christians at war with islam and about the christians trying
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to repeat the crusades that were trying to capture muslim land. the pope being the head of the biggest christian church, being the head of a billion catholics is an important and powerful symbol. it would be in terms like striking the united states in terms of al-qaida supporters. they would have appreciated that very much. megyn: there is no thought by the terrorist as to how that kind of an assassination would play with the western world. they have no thought for winning over the hearts and minds of folks other than the crazy radicals who follow them. >> i think what they really care about is to win the support and allegiance of radical muslims, and they don't care so much about the western world. what radical islam has been criticizing al-qaida for in the past few years is they haven't been successful enough in willing westerners.
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and killing somebody like pope benedict xvi would have brought them back, if you wanted to energize the base of the al-qaida movement, would have brought them a lot of supporters. rather than caring about western public opinion it's rather the opposite. killing westerners makes them more popular in the eyes of their radical islamic constituency. megyn: your thoughts about their attempt to do it in london as opposed to in italy where the pope is very well protected. london as you point out -- as you pointed out to us before the show has been on severe terror alert. they are at the ready over there for a possible attack. it's not an easy city to target. >> yes. one has to consider, there have been a string of attempts to assassinate the pope. there are stories about attempted assassination in turkey a few months ago. i think london was the next big opportunity. it was the biggest trip of the pope in recent months. and of course there is still a
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very significant presence of radical al-qaida supporters in london. all of that taken together would have presented them with an opportunity, which apparently they tried to exploit even though we have to wait for the acts. megyn: the pope now meeting with the archbishop of canterbury. the reason he is in the popemobile is they closed out the pope in his traveling after the 1981 assassination attempt on him. peter the response as you know it from the vatican to this, has it changed the pope's schedule and how seriously do we take this? do we believe this really is links to al-qaida or are they five street cleaners who were putting together some sort of coalition? >> obviously we will have to wait for a few days to see what turns up. i think that scotland yard, the london police have become very careful in making random arrests. they are not just going out and arresting random people and
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locking them up. they clearly thought that this was important enough of a tip-off, and that they couldn't afford to take any risks, and they had to act very quickly. so that indicates to me -- i know a lot of these people, they are extremely serious people. they are not taking chances. at the same time they wouldn't have acted if it wasn't very, very serious. megyn: indeed the vatican is saying through a spokesman that the pope is calm and happy and we go on with this trip with courage and joy. and we are witnessing some of that here. peter new man thank you so much for your expertise, we appreciate you being here. folks we will continue to watch the pontiff as he continues his trip now under a cloud of possible danger, but thankfully the good folks at scotland yard keeping the pontiff safe today. this unfortunately would not be the first time that pope benedict xvi has been a target. in june 2007 a man tried to attack the pope as he traveled around st. peters square in an
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open jeep. the man jumped the security barricades but was subdued before getting any further. the pope did not react and continued waiving to the crowd. and then there was this. megyn: last year a mentally unstable woman knocked down the pope during christmas eve mass. she also made an unsuccessful attempt to do the same thing a year earlier. also for a little history the late pope john paul the ii was the target of an actual assassination back in 1981. you may remember these pictures. the pope shot four times as he blessed the crowds in st. peters square. miraculously john paul the ii survived and went onto make a full recovery even though the gunman fired from just 15 feet away. the men who pulled the trigger was a 23-year-old turkish at the
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time. he was jailed for life and pardoned and sent back to turkey. john paul 22 roam publicly forgave him after the shooting. we here at "america live" just got our hands on a leaked memo, a memo that shows the department of homeland security discussing amnesty for illegals. here is a quote pulled from the memo leaked just yesterday. the secretary -- this is a quote. the secretary would face criticism that she is ab today indicating her charge to enforce the immigration law. internal complaints of this time from career officers are kwaoeubg lee. traits trace -- trace gallagher has more live. you have your hands on the memo now. >> reporter: we have a copy of the memo. we have also sent a copy to the department of homeland security. just seconds ago they sent us a response. we'll give you all the details. but the big take away here the
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big picture is this is the third internal memo from the third government agency talking about amnesty for certain illegal immigrants. the first one came from ice. the second one game from u.s. citizenship and immigration service. this one is from the department of homeland security issued back in february and reportedly made its way all the way to secretary janet napolitano's office. the memo talks about phase one of a program to legalize immigrants without immigration reform, and, and i'm quoting here if we can put this on the screen, using administrative measures to sidestep the current state of congressional gridlock and ener tia. the memo then details how the emphasis would be to register, fingerprint and screen illegals as an interim way of legalizing those who qualify. very important, those who qualify, those who have not been convicted of a felony. then the memo goes onto say and
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i'm quoting again, if going forward with a larger registration program that reaches the entire potential legalization population is not possible we could propose a narrowly tailored registration program for individuals eligible for relief under the dream act, add jobs and other specifically defined category. of course ag jobs is for agriculture workers. the department of homeland security would not talk to us about this memo, but their response is the following. it says dhs will not grant deferred action or humanitarian parole to the nation's illegal immigration population. to be clear it says we are not engaged in a back-door amnesty and are on pace to place more people in immigration proceedings this year than ever before. the common retort has been, look
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these are internal memos to generate internal debate, but the common denominator in all of these internal memo, megyn that had been released, is that those who commit felonies and who are i will regal should be out. -- illegal should be out. those who do not should be able to stay. megyn: we've seen that so many times from the folks at dhs. thank you. the tea party is full steam ahead toward the midterms with more than a half dozen senate candidates. in just three minutes we'll show you what that could mean for the president's agenda, even if none of those folks actually win. alan colmes is after this break. and speaking of the tea party, bill o'reilly has some advice for christine o'donnell. what he thinks the senate candidate who is now the focal point for women in poll six should do right now -- politics should do right now. plus this is the sound of a father enraged. >> my daughter.
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megyn: fox news alert, now we are just getting word in that there has been a 6th person arrested, a 6th person has now been arrested in connection with the alleged assassination attempt planned against pope benedict xvi in london. again, five people were arrested earlier this morning. we are looking at live pictures here -- i'm sorry taped pictures coming to us from london. and we were told early this morning at about 5:45am london
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time five men were arrested during raids at a rubbish depot. they are age 26 through 50. they are believed to be islamist terrorists. they were work being as street cleaners and could move easily due the london crowds which have been substantial during the pontiff's visit. a 6th man has just been arrested. we are trying to get more. as soon as we have it we will bring it to you. well a new article shedding light on the tea party and the obama agenda. the tea party moving on up pushing both democrats and republicans out of the way. but does this tea party's series of victories in these primaries mean the owe bam today agenda is dead for good no matter what happens in november? alan colmes is anchor of the alan colmes host of.
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>> reporter: i continue think of a better name. megyn: it's very catchy. there is a piece out today that reads the tea party has already won. it taste they have moved the democrats to the right and the republicans even more so and president obama's agenda is dead now. >> reporter: it's so ridiculous. his agenda is dead? republicans may take the house. the tea party may have won some battles in the primaries but i'm not sure they are going to win the war. for example christine o'donnell according to scott rasmussen the democratic candidate coons into the heavily favored solid democratic category. megyn: leading by 11 points. >> reporter: could keep the senate democratic. they could be causing a lot of problems for republicans. harry reid may win because sharon angle is the worse candidate to go against him. megyn: it's 48-48. >> reporter: would he have had a harder time against the other canned tkaeudz. megyn: that could be true. they may not actually win come november but her point is
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they've already scared the daylights out of people to the point where republicans are no longer going to be itching to lean moderate and the democrats who are moderate are taking a lesson as well. they will be running away from president obama's agenda. >> reporter: i think they make a mistake running away from president obama, they make a mistake by not supporting recinding the tax cuts from the rich. if you look at the polls most people want to 0 rescind the tax cuts for the rich. megyn: the democrats haven't been listening to the polls for the past 18 months. >> reporter: they listened to polls that actually favored their positions, and they are not even listening to that. megyn: this is what ab writes that i thought was interesting, she says next year when president obama is running for re-election tax and budget reform will be the only issues he could realistically work on with a gop majority or even a razor-thin democratic majority, other the tea party agenda. he'll be handicapped to get
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anything through. >> reporter: that is their agenda with or without the tea party. megyn: really? this is with the tea party complaining. >> reporter: i think we'll look back at the tea party years from now and be embarrassed by some of their behavior. too many behavior -- not all of them, too many people who are racists i think they are a bunch of older, angry white americans who do not represent the kind of diversity this country actually is. i think we will look back and laugh a couple of years from now. megyn: now you sound like harry reid and nancy pelosi they are aastro turf. >> reporter: i didn't say they are unamerican, don't put those words in my mouth, megyn i didn't say that. megyn: you sound like them. >> reporter: in some cases sounding like them is not bad. megyn: doug schoen and scott ras mass -- rasmussen. >> reporter: i like them both i don't always agree with them. megyn: they came out with the
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book that says the tea party is basically the most powerful and incredible movement we've seen in america in the past century. >> reporter: i don't agree with them at all. it's a passing fancy. i'm getting out the popcorn to watch the angles and o'donnells they stand for far right crazy things. she wants to do with fluoride drinking water. she won't talk to any press that she doesn't agree w. we know that o'donnell is koo-koo for coco puffs. she talks about people hiding in bushes. she says that joe biden ran her -- tapped her phone line when she ran against him. if you want these people representing what you stand for good luck to you, go with god. megyn: i'm just saying laura ingram was on bill o'reilly, maybe she is nutty as karl rove puts out. maybe she has issues with the college and payment and all
1:21 pm
that. the people of delaware seem to have said, we don't care. we care how she is going to vote. >> reporter: megyn it's not the people of delaware it's the republicans of delaware. megyn: respond to that point. she seems to be saying that what they want is someone who is going to vote the way she is going to vote, not vote with president obama. >> reporter: if a liberal democrat had issues about paying taxes, about talking about they graduated from college but the diploma only came last week. megyn: like charlie rangel. >> reporter: you can always bring up the example of a democrat. the point is the same people who are defending her would be attacking liberals who had the same issue. just like you say char rerangel. megyn: do you condemn anyone. >> reporter: has he been convicted of anything. megyn: has she. >> reporter: i didn't say she was a law breaker. i think she is koo-koo for coco puffs. megyn: there are allegations against him and her. >> reporter: let them both go to "kelly's court." megyn: would you buy a ticket for that. >> reporter: i would, ring side.
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megyn: alan colmes thank you for coming here. new information on our fox news alert. we are hoping to go live to scotland yard in three minutes to learn more about this 6th suspect arrested because of security concerns over the pope trying to get more details on exactly what they were planning. plus, stunning new developments in the story of a woman claiming that someone attacked her by pouring acid on her. now police say there is much more to this case. and a family forced to make a terrible choice, either abandon their pets, abandon them, or leave their home, their home that they own and live in. see how they got to this hard place. >> we gave them an extension even after this was over. i think we've been very compassionate. >> would you want to get rid of three family members. we love them. they are our family, we love them, we care for them.
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megyn: fox news alert a brand-new arrest now in the alleged threat against pope benedict xvi in london. investigators have just arrested a 6th person, that is the headline out of london right now. five others were arrested this morning, 5:45 l.a -- am london time. martin pwroupbt from sky news is live outside of scotland yard with the breaking details. martin. >> reporter: yes, the 6th arrest in this case, this man was arrested about five hours ago, around lunchtime here, arrested at his home in north london. the previous five men who were arrested as suspects, that happened just around dawn, just about as they were about to start their shift sweeping the streets of central london, the very streets that the pope was about to appear in. he has appeared, he's still in central london.
1:27 pm
the threat appears to have gone away as we've been reporting the pope has looked very relaxed. all of those around him have adopted the same attitude. they've told us that they are very confident in the way scotland yard has dealt with this alleged plot, and those men, six of them now, who were arrested are still being questioned by detectives, and we expect them to hold them at least until tomorrow, when we may learn more about their immediate future. megyn: martin, have we learned more about the searches. earlier it was reported that searches were being carried out at the rubbish depot and at the residential premises in north and east london presumably where these men lived, but we are not sure of that. >> reporter: no, it is where these men were living, but also at the depot where they were this morning, where they work, where they leave to go and do their street cleaning duties.
1:28 pm
some or all of those searches are continuing. i mean we've been watching the forensic officers in and out of those buildings in their white forensic suits, but the information we have at the moment is that the police have found nothing, in terms of hard evidence to support the idea that these men were planning an attack on the pope. and i get the very strong impression that at the end of this whole operation police might be facing a situation where they were forced to move very quickly when they had the tip-off without having any firm evidence, and it may well be that they don't find that evidence. megyn: interesting. all right martin following it for us. the pope through a vat cal spokesman has said he will continue with his engagements, unaffected by these developments, and that security arrangements were reviewed but the itinerary has not changed for pope benedict xvi. more as we get it on that. the city of los angeles is using
1:29 pm
$111 million in stimulus money to create jobs. a whole 5 a of them. that is $2 million per job. i'll save you the math. that is your money $2 million for one job. we investigate. and this woman claims that a stranger threw acid in her face in a random attack. now she says she did it herself. we look at unsettling question that remains, why? plus bill o'reilly joins me live right here on set with advice for delaware senate candidate christine o'donnell and the tea party folks that support her. o'reilly is coming to my house, and maybe i'll remind him about this. stay tuned. >> here is the capper. megyn: that's not how opinions work. they didn't need to address that. >> it's not a matter of need it's a matter of what is right. they didn't do the right thing. megyn: you don't understand how opinions work. >> i know i'm not smart enough. allergies put me in a fog.
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megyn: 1:33 here in the east. welcome back he blamed the doctor for his mother's condition. that coming from the brother of the man who opened fire at john hop kins hospital in baltimore yesterday. paul pardus shot and killed his mother, then he turned the gun on her doctor before taking his own life. the doctor is expected to pull through. in the gulf the relief well is in place, and mud and cement will now start flowing in. the goal, to plug bp's blown-out
1:34 pm
oil well by this sunday. and natalee holloway's mother visiting a peruvian jail today meeting face-to-face with joran van der sloot the man suspected in her daughter's disappearance. they say joran van der sloot would not speak with her. it almost defies understanding, a woman throws acid in her own face and says an attacker did it, and then comes out today saying it was all a big hoax. this is bethany store owe -- storro, and this is how she looked after. dan springer is inee at he will. dan, why did she do this? >> reporter: yeah, that is the question obviously everybody wants an answer too. we did speak with the vancouver, washington police department today and they say they are not revealing the answer to that question. they will not talk about motive. they say they are still investigating the case. they have not yet turned over their investigation to the
1:35 pm
county prosecutor. we know that they interviewed bethany storro at length yesterday as they were executing a search warrant at her parents house where she lives. that's when she admitted she made the whole story up. she initially reported that a black woman in her 20s poured acid on her when she was getting out of her car at a coffee stop. local reporters interviewed homeless people who said they saw storro fall to the ground after the attack in pain but there was no one near her. there were other inconsistencies that alerted investigators. >> you look at the splash patterns. you look at the time of night, would people be wearing sunglasses, et cetera, a lot of things that didn't add up to what we would know to be a usual circumstance. >> reporter: here is what we know about her, she was recently divorced and moved from idaho where she was living with her husband back to live with her parents in washington state. after her story went nation until she did several interviews and was even scheduled to be on
1:36 pm
oprah this web. there was a fund-raiser held at her health club and money had been donated into several accounts at a couple of local banks. police say they will not say how much money was raised or if she was ever able to access any of that money. the prosecuting attorney is waiting for the cops to finish their investigation, probably some time next week and then we'll decide about any charges. the possibilities obviously start with filing a false police report, that is a gross misdemeanor in this case punishable by up to one year in jail and a fine of $5,000. there is also the possibility of some felony theft charges if the amount that was donated to her exceeded $750, that would be a second degree felony, or second degree theft. if it's over $5,000 it would be a first-degree theft. storro has not been arrested. she was interviewed yesterday and released. police say that there are no other suspects in the case. they believe she acted on her own. megyn: it's so bizarre, dan because she went on and on about
1:37 pm
her attacker saying this is a quote, saying i have never, ever seen in girl in my entire life. when i first saw her she had this weirdness about her like jealous see, rage, was it a dare or did the woman wake up monday morning and tell herself today she was going to carry acid in a cup and throw it on the first person she sees. now we all know it's a falsehood. the president is coming out to make an announcement to elizabeth warren. we have stu varney to put this in perspective for us. >> the incomes of middle class families fell by almost 5%. i want to repeat that. between 2001 and 2009 the incomes of middle class families fell by 5%. in the words of today's "wall street journal," this lost decade was the worst for families in half a century, a
1:38 pm
decade that obviously ended in a devastating recession that made things even worse. we know that a strong middle class leads a strong economy. that's why as we dig our way out of this recession we've set our sights on policies that grow the middle class and provide a ladder for those who are struggling to join it. that's why i am urging the leaders of the other party to stop holding middle class tax cuts hostage and extend this relief to families immediately. they need it. they need our help. and that's why we are here today. you know, part of what led to the financial crisis were practices that took advantage of consumers, particularly when too many homeowners were deceived into taking out mortgages on their homes that they continue
1:39 pm
afford. but we also know that these practices predated the crisis, and we also know that these practices don't just exist in the housing market. for years banks and mortgage lenders and credit card companies have often used fine print and confusing language and attractive front-end offers to take advantage of american consumers. we've seen banks charge unreasonable overdraft fees. we've seen credit card companies hit folks with unfair rate hikes. we've seen mortgage lenders offer cheap initial monthly payments and interest rates that later skyrocketed. all this has cost middle class families billions of dollars. tense of bill -- tens of billions of dollars that they could have used to pay the bills, make the mortgage or send their kids to college. and i have to say when michelle
1:40 pm
and i were first starting a family we had to navigate a lot of these financial decisions, whether it was buying a first home, or paying off our college loans, or putting a lot of debt on credit cards, and obviously we were better off than a lot of families, but we still often found ourselves confused, or finding ourselves in tough situations of the consequence. so we've got a pretty good idea, i've got a personally good idea of how this can be difficult, and sometimes confusing for the average consumer. and that's partly why, even when i was still in the u.s. senate i took such a great interest in the work of the woman standing next to me. i have known elizabeth warren since law school. she is a native of oklahoma, she is a janitor's daughter who has become one of the countries fiercist advocates for the middle class. she has seen financial struggles
1:41 pm
and foreclosures affect her own family. long before this crisis hit she had written eloquent lee, passionately, forcefully about the growing financial pressures on working families, and the need to put in place stronger consumer protections. and three years ago she came up with an idea for a new independent agency that would have one simple overriding mission, standing up for consumers and middle class families. thanks to elizabeth's efforts, as well as the dedication and persistence of the person who my right, secretary of treasury tim geithner, as well as leaders in congress like chris dodd and barney frank that agency will soon become a reality. the consumer financial protection bureau, which was one of the central aspects of financial reform will empower all americans with the clear and concise information they need to make the best choices, the best financial decisions for them and
1:42 pm
their families. never again will folks be confused, or misled by the pages of barely understandable fine print that you find in agreements for credit cards, or mortgages, or student loans. the bureau is going to crackdown on the abusive practices of unscrupulous mortgage lenders. it will reinforce the new credit card bill we passed banning unfair credit hikes. it will give students who take out college loans clear information and make sure that lenders don't gain the system. and it will even sure that every american receives a free credit score if they are denied a loan orin shaourpbs because of that -- or, insurance because of that score. basically the consumer financial protection bureau will be a watchdog for the american consumer, charged with enforcing the toughest financial protections in history.
1:43 pm
now, getting this agency off the ground will be an enormously important task, a task that can't wait. and that task is something that i've asked elizabeth to take on. secretary geithner and i both agree that elizabeth is the best person to stand this agency up. she was the architect behind the idea for a consumer watchdog so it only makes sense that she should be the architect working with secretary treasury tim geithner in standing up the agency. we will help oversee all aspects of the bureau's creation from staff recruitment to designing policy initiatives, to future decisions about the agency. she will have direct access to me and to secretary geithner and she will oversee a staff at the treasury department that has already begun to work on this task. she will also play a pivotal role in helping me determine who
1:44 pm
the best choice is for director of the bureau. and given the importance of these economic issues i also want elizabeth to have a role as a white house adviser as well as adviser to secretary geithner on consumer issues. elizabeth understands what i strongly believe, that a strong, growing economy begins with a strong and thriving middle class, and that means every american has to get a fair shake in their financial dealings. for years financial companies have been able to spend millions of dollars on their own watchdog, lobbyists who look out for their interest and fight for their priorities. that's their right. but from now on consumers will also have a powerful watchdog, a tough, independent watchdog whose job it is to stand up for their financial interests, for their family's future, and i'm proud that we got this done, and i'm equally proud that elizabeth
1:45 pm
warren will be helping to make her original vision a reality. so we are extremely proud of you, elizabeth, good luck. megyn: there you have it. president obama making news. just outside of the white house today with respect to elizabeth warren. there are several points that are important to you from a news perspective. stu varney is here from varney & company to put them in perspective. the first thing the president said was to blame the republican. the republicans were holding hostage the middle class tax kufplts in the meantime it is the president's own party that is coming out more and more saying they are not going to pass the tax cuts unless thee weeks we extend them for everyone. >> reporter: the first part of his speech was a campaign peach. it was all about tax cuts, beating up on the republicans. hark evening back to president bush, that is pure tax policy, nothing to do with consumer protection policy, which was the second half of the presentation.
1:46 pm
megyn: he talked about elizabeth warren now is going to basically set up and effectively put into place and run for a short time this consumer financial protection bureau. president obama calls it a watchdog for consumers. he says there won't be any more confusion when we fill out forms shall it will focus on financial forms, no more abuses, clear information for college loan applicants. it all sounds great. >> reporter: this is a massive new so-called consumer protection agency. elizabeth warren is going to basically run it. she won't have the title but she is going to run it. she's going to set it up, staff it, she is going to give it direction and policy. if will be her reaction going forward. now, we're supposed to believe that in the future, you take out a mortgage or a credit card, the agreement must be written in plain english, very clearly written, and any risk that you take with the credit card or the mortgage or anything else has to be clearly spelled out.
1:47 pm
you can't do that. you cannot say what is the future risk of this adjustable rate mortgage. you cannot say, what is the future risk of of the interest rate on this credit card. you can't say it. so this becomes a lawyer's charter. my client, urns, did not know -- your honor, did not know what she was getting herself into. it wasn't written clearly. she did not understand the agreement she signed. and with elizabeth warren on the other side that lawyer will win. that's why wall street does not like this appointment. megyn: this appointment is controversial folks. people are saying that it's essentially a recess appointment that he could not have got even her through the u.s. senate for confirmation because there is saofp a divide over the woman he's known since college. the republicans don't like her at all and the progressives in particular like her., and others have been pushing that obama give her the job. he continue do a recess
1:48 pm
appointment without taking a big hit politically. he got hammered for doing that with the medicare chief. she's going to establish the agency, hand pink all the people of the agency and run it for a time and toss the baton. >> reporter: yes she's got the job without the title. she is the assistant to the president and special adviser to treasury secretary geithner. she is in charge of creating and developing this new agency. she doesn't have the title of director, but she's got the job of setting it up and directing it. it's a job by any other name. she's running it the progressives got what they wanted. megyn: here is the thing that jumped out of me you speak of the ability for lawyers to go back in and say my client didn't understand. twice the president focused on mortgages. it's so important because a a lot of us believe that's what started this mess. the president had praise for chris dodd and barney frank. i think a lot of people blame them for not pushing for
1:49 pm
oversight. this is president obama moments ago. people were quote, deceived in taking out mortgages they couldn't afford. people were deceived into doing that. now under elizabeth warren we will have no more abuse, abuse by unskrup pew lust -- unscrupulous mortgage lenders. so it's all the evil mortgage giants that made us take out loans we couldn't afford. >> reporter: it was never your fault. it was never you who failed to understand what you were getting into. you were always bamboozled. that's why we are in the mess. we are going to straighten it out. you can't do that. a mortgage is of complex understanding. a credit card in the future a complex thing. you can't reduce it to a couple of sentences on a plain sheet of paper, you cannot do that. and if you try to do that the lawyers will come along and pick holes in you, the bank or broker responsible for any loss incurred by any client. that's why wall street hates
1:50 pm
this thing. you're going to move away from a period where investors are allowed to be exposed to any kind of risk. all risk will be withdrawn as much as possible from the individual investor. you're going to have more fixed-rate mortgages, not adjustable-rate mortgages because there is risk with adjustable-rate mortgages. bank profits will go down, innovation in financial products will go down. it will be less than what it used to be. megyn: even elizabeth warren came out and said president obama understands the importance of quote, leveling the playing field for families and creating protections that work not just for the wealthy but for every american. >> reporter: wealth, redistribution is at the heart of every policy of the obama administration. megyn: thank you for your perspective. we appreciate you being here. you've heard from stu and now there is this. hard turn here, "kelly's court" is back in session on the docket today the threat of a school bus beat down issued by a father who
1:51 pm
says he would not stand by as a group of boys brutally bull lid his daughter. the surveillance camera rolling when that father at long last boarded the bus and said this. >> my daughter. [bleeped] >> i don't give a. [bleeped] megyn: as you heard it's not exactly clear what he said but you get the gist of his anger and it did not stop there. the father finished off with this. >> my daughter is not going to be hazed and beat up and touched on and like what he done, okay i'm very sorry i a poll skwraoeutsed -- dash apologize for that. that is not justice for me or my daughter either. megyn: pam is here and jon will be here momentarily. pam i want to start with you. this father now is facing charges are disorderly conduct and tkeuts turk -- disturbing a
1:52 pm
school function. he was arrested and sent to jail and he's fashion the two charges. did the school do the right thing? >> i'll tell you, megyn, what this father says of course we can't have vigilante justice. this father has an 11-year-old daughter with cerebral palsy who had been beaten, hit, they threw condoms on her head. he went to school officials they did nothing. the bus driver did nothing to prevent this. he basically lost it. he didn't hurt anybody or hit anybody he went on the bus to protect his daughter. you can't take matters into your own hands but you also cannot bully kids at school. i tell you what, these teachers need to be doing something to protect that 11-year-old child. >> what was he supposed to do? he says he called the school, he asked for them to intervene they didn't. his daughter is being bullied by a bunch of seven-year-old boys who are putting condoms over her head. this girl with cerebral palsy. she is trying to ghetto and from
1:53 pm
the school and no one will help him. what was he supposed to do? >> i understand that no one can condone the children's behavior. now what he could have done, pulled his daughter off the bus, not put her in the situation and then got the attention of school officials. megyn: it's not that easy. parents have to work, they've got to pay the bills and be at the office, they can't all drive their kids to school like the more privileged families can. >> no i understand that too. but when you're an adult you can't storm a bus full of 11 years old and pull the pin on a verbal grenade, that is not going to solve anything. he's got to follow the proper channels, he didn't. he has to be punished for this. megyn: why won't it solve anything, pam, won't it? i feel like those kids, they are not going to be bothering that girl any more. not only did they get the daylights scared out of them presumably when he got on there. now it's a national story and we are all watching it. megyn: you can't take the law --
1:54 pm
>> you can't take the law into your own hands. he accepted responsibility. he said i did wrong, i was arrested but i'm going to protect my daughter. this is a huge issue in our school system now. in hills pw*e r e tkpw*e county they are talking to custodians to lunchroom ladies, to bus drivers, hey you have to look out for the kids that are in your care, you have to stop this from hang. this little girl had severe health issues to begin with and did not deserve this. megyn: let me ask you this, the sheriff's office says look, listen i'm big on you shouldn't handle it yourself because it leads to situation break down, but this man had tried to do the right thing, he had called the school he says. he says the school didn't help, and listen it's not that hard to believe in today's day and age, you call up and say my daughter is getting bullied on the bus, the schools have a lot to deal with, apparently they blew him off. you heard the sound byte, he says i'm not going to let you do
1:55 pm
this to my daughter. the sheriff's office says he should have called us. really? do you believe the sheriff's office would have got even involved on the school bus if he had called. >> no i'm with you on that. they won't have done anything. instead of storming the bus why not storm the office and get the attention of an adult who can actually do something about it. maybe a call won't work, a fax won't work. if he shows up in person at school not on a bus full of 11 years old something could have been done and he would not be arrested. megyn: you've got to wonder if it's worth the risk of getting arrested on disorderly conduct charges just to put a stop to it and to call attention to it because now it's become such a big issue you've got to hope it's not going to happen again. the other risk he runs, though, pam in doing what he did is i assume it's going to stop but sometimes when the parents get this involved it ago ra sraeutsz the situation unfortunately. >> absolutely and he faces criminal charges now because of this. >> yeah, well i don't know -- megyn: yeah, well i don't know. my heart goes out to him. he says my daughter is not going
1:56 pm
to be hazed and beat up and touched on like what they've done. you've got to understand that man's anger. i'm out of town, all i can say is i hope and pray that the prosecute tphers this case will come to reason and see that this man was justifiably outraged and drop the charges against him and pursue an investigation into the alleged bulliers because now we hear that the bullying was so bad that this girl is suicidal. that's who needs to be investigated. well three top hispanic lawmakers yesterday went to the white house. they all went to talk about immigration reform. and now we are hearing that they left the white house very happy with what they heard from president obama. in five minutes we'll talk with congressman gutierrez about what kind of promises he heard. and the hot reporter caught up in a locker room debate. are the players to blame, or did she have some responsibility in all of this? we've got new news on this today, and we have three powerful laid tkaoefs our own on
1:57 pm
a power panel to weigh in, upcoming. >> there is the outfit you were wearing to practice. >> yes, exactly. >> reporter: could they get any tighter those jeans. >> they my size. i love them. i don't know, probably you look at that and say okay, the jeans fits perfectly, the weight is perfect, everything i don't think is bad. #- uld switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? did the little piggy cry wee wee wee all the way home? piggy: weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeee weeeeeeee. mom: max. ...maxwell! piggy: yeah? mom: you're home. piggy: oh,cool, thanks mrs. a. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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megyn: fox news alert. a 6th man is now under arrest accused of plotting an attack on the pope. pope benedict xvi speak at westminster abby a short time ago. a few hours after u.k. cops cuff candidate a group of men, most of them algerian saying they planned to assassinate the pope during a speech tomorrow night.
2:01 pm
>> reporter: they confirmed they have six men under arrest in police parlance it is for suspicion of the commission, preparation or incity nation that they are under arrest under suspicion of plotting something against pope benedict xvi. the pope got word of the first batch arrests when he was greeting kids at a school. they are street sweepsers. the police were acting on a tip. they are said to be of north african descent. we are told 13:45 local time in the afternoon at the home of one of these individuals. also searched by counterterrorism officials. so far we are told no firearms,
2:02 pm
no has a dozeno hazardous itemsn discovers. police say they review reviewede security for the rest of the trip. the final word on all this is the six are being held in city. they are being intergate and they aren't going to be released until the pope leaves the country at the very least. megyn: reports say that the pope stayed calm in leave it this threat. he said he's not going to change his itinerary at all. >> reporter: it was a full one, aside from this distraction, and it gathered a lot of news attention here in london. it was a center busy day. if he worked hard sat bridging the divides between the various religions here. the church of england and trying to make inroad into what is a
2:03 pm
very secular nation. he spoke with westminster hall about the role of religion in politics. former prime ministers including tony blair who is a fairly recent convert to the faith. and today that westminster abby a huge ecumenical ceremony. buff he acted pretty much like nothing had happened. the police are hoping nothing would happen and they nab something in the bud. megyn: another fox news alert. a fox news opinion dynamic poll just out. the numbers for president obama are not good. his job approval hitting an all-time low according to this poll. only 42% now sea prove of the job president obama is doing. that's down 4 points from earlier this month.
2:04 pm
52% disapprove. that's an all-time high for the president's disapproval rating. the news is not better for congress. when asked if starting fresh with all new members, folks are saying that's what would be good for america. 47% say throw the bums out. another hot button issue immigration. about a third of voters polled saying the issue is extremely important to their vote. that issue also at the top of the agenda of a meeting between three key members of the national hispanic caucus and president obama. they talked about the dream act pn. a measure saying illegal immigrants who came here before the age of 16 who sign up for the armed services or sign for two years of education at university levels should be given citizenship. congressman gutierrez, the reports were that you emerged
2:05 pm
happy from the white house yesterday. why? >> just as happy as i am to be with you. it was a wonderful meeting. the president said he's going to put the full force and energy and commit the resources of the white house to get this done next week. we know senator harry reid says he's putting it on the schedule with the department of defense. dick durbin is the chief sponsor of the bill. i think we have a good trio. now we need to build that bipartisan support that the dream act has always had. it has 11 republican co-sponsors in the past. and many in the past have allowed a vote on the dream act. megyn: yes it has never gone the through. republicans have come out and said, i don't know. harry reid said i don't know if i have the votes in the senate.
2:06 pm
>> in 2006 there was a separate vote, remember in 2006 we actually got comprehensive immigration reform thanks to president obama and his leadership. and there was a separate vote on the dream act. sew it did pass the senate. in 2007 there was a separate vote for cloture to allow a vote on the dream act. on two different occasions it has passed the senate. megyn: let me ask you this. i want you to address this. this is the criticism of the dream act. even people who are really against illegal immigration have more empathy for kid who were brought here through no choice of their own by their parents who are illegals because their parents made a decision that the kids have nothing to do with. they find themselves in this country and you are looking for a way for them to become citizens. so the criticism from the other side is that encourages more
2:07 pm
illegal immigration. that sort of a form amnesty. but i it reward bad behavior not so as much by the kids, but by the parents. >> children are not responsible for the actions of their parents, adult. it's hard for me to answer that question because they are not responsible. megyn: i started with that premise. parents are responsible and if you reward that bad behavior -- >> and let me tell you why i think it's a good idea. because these kids do come as you suggest young. their americans in all but paper. they are the class val decker tons, they are going on to college. they want to commit to service in the armed forces. they pay all kinds of taxes, income taxes. megyn: , you name it, we pay it. >> they want to pay that
2:08 pm
ultimate tax, they want to pay that tax. so why don't we allow them. megyn: they said the other thing you talked about at the white house was the 400,000 deportations occurring each year. this is from your office. quote, the need to concentrate on only serious violent criminals. at least half of those deportations are non-criminals and splitting families apart. the response is they may be splitting families apart but that is not the fault of the ivment s. government or americans, it's the faulty of illegals who chose to break the law and come here. >> we have 4 million american citizen children whose parents are undocumented. i think we need to focus on beginning members, on people who come here to do harm. we should try to resolve our immigration system and have families and the integrity of the family as a cornerstone of any comprehensive immigration
2:09 pm
reform. megyn: if i come here illegally with my three children, i'm assuming the risk of the family being split apart. i could take us all back to mexico and keep my family together. why should the american people be saddled with the burden to keep the family together when the parents chose to break that law. >> it's not only going back to mexico, but poland and ireland and parts of africa and asia. we have millions of undocumented workers in this country that don't come from latin america. we want all the of those children to be able to stay together. our immigration system is broken. everyone has made a commitment. radicals like lindsey graham and john mccain and brownback have already voted for immigration reform in 2006.
2:10 pm
president george bush made it a cornerstone of the last years of his presidency. if we can find a way that we don't have to beat up little kids and allow american citizen children to have their mom and dad. let's punish them in a way that allows their families to stay together. megyn, it's good to be with you. i never change the channel when you are on. megyn: all the best to you. first they band the words war on terror. now we hearing the administration is saying there is no more global warming. we are confused. hugh hewitt is here to explain what that means and what it might cost us. she took offense to catcalls in the new york jets locker room. but some are raising new questions about whether sports reporter ines sainz shares some of the blame it's a must-see question for our three favorite ladies on today's power panel.
2:11 pm
bill o'reilly is here live with some advice for her and the tea party. do not miss this. he never comes live on day time. >> ladies and gentlemen, the people of delaware have spoken. [applause] >> no more politics as usual. ho. and aleve was proven to work better on pain than tylenol 8 hour. so why am i still thinking about this? how are you? good, how are you? [ male announcer ] aleve. proven better on pain.
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megyn: new details on a murder-suicide at johns hopkins hospital. the brother coming forward saying his brother probably thought their 84-year-old mother was suffering. he pulled a gun shooting the doctor. then barricaded himself inside his room killing both of them. that doctor thankfully is
2:15 pm
expected to survive. news out of washington today that we all have to say so long global warming and say hello to global disruption. the administration changing its tune on climate change. white house science advisor saying the storm global warm oversimply guys a serious issue. hugh, it's global climate disruption we are suffering. global climate disruption. we'll have a global climate disrumtion czar and they are hoping this will change the nature of the debate in washington. could it? >> good morning. i think that what's they are trying to accomplish here. whenever you have lost an argument, change the terms and try to start the argument again. they did it with recovery summer, man-caused disaster and citizen of the world.
2:16 pm
this administration will be remembered for trying to paper over failures with words. the idea that global disruption is going to be the northeast term, i don't think it will change any mind but it's a clever attempt by people to change the pace. it's not going to help democrats on the campaign trail. if you are in west virginia trying to win that senate race or joe sestak in pennsylvania losing to pat toomey and the white house starts talking about global climate disruption, you have got to say don't they have a clue global warming is driving people to the republicans? megyn: this past winter which was terrible in the northeast, we got pummeled with cold weather and snow. people are saying global warming my you know what. it's an anecdotal thing and it may not be tied to the earth.
2:17 pm
but that's working to pursuade people global warning is a myth. i think these administrators found themselves waging a p.r. war with god that they were losing. >> i went in to get my haircut this morning and i asked my barber, do you believe this global warming stuff? no, it's a bunch of nonsense. that reflects what is the popular dismissal of the overkill, the al gore extremism. we know the temperature has gone up a little bit. we don't know if it's a bad thing, we don't even know if we can do anything about it. that's generally what people think. when you get winters like you had in the east or summers like you had in california, it, been the coolest sumner many, many decades in california. people shake their heads. it's anecdotal, it's not great
2:18 pm
science. but we don't trust this administration. they use empty word like this. a tornado happens in brooklyn or a drought happens in colorado or there is a fire in california, we are afraid they are going to ties global climate disruption to get epa to start regulating garage door openers. this group wants an excuse to touch every part of our lives. when they start throwing huh terms around they expect new tax, regular lay towards and rules. megyn: is this going to be tied as a renewed push to get cap and trade passed through the congress. some of the house members vote for it. about it appears the obama administration would like to see sit law. is this step one? let's rebrand the issue. >> when you have barbara boxer as your poster child you have a
2:19 pm
big problem. when you go to arizona you have got pelosi democrats like the three congress people up against, republicans are running on global warming. we have pelosi clones who want to vote for cap and tax. you have the epa trying to regulate through the back door. climate change is not something democrats want brought up. if democrats retain the majority. if barbara boxer gets back there they will spend every waking minute trying some jam down new laws and tax onto the average american. sew i want to thank the white house science advisor for bringing this up in the middle of a campaign and reminding every american every vote for every democrat is a vote for massive regulations. megyn: there is a reason it didn't get through the senate.
2:20 pm
it hasn't been touted by most of the democrats on the campaign trail. in large pair it has been unpopular. buff it hasn't gone over big. they raise that now just as we learn this democratic group will start touting the healthcare law which has been a problem for the obama administration. can nil of this be solved by rebranding? we have been hearing more and more from the white house. now they are referring to them as the obama middle class tax cuts which president bush put in place, but now they have become president obama so we are supposed to look at them differently. >> people are watching this program and we are talking about global climate disruption. they will make a mental note. o'reilly or sean or glenn beck will do it. the american people are say another word fraud, another word
2:21 pm
game. ing me require's too many syllables it's got, pity. global climate disruption doesn't flow. >> you are right. megyn: i love the haircut. thanks so much for being here. fox news alert. we just got a report from the department of justice. a scientist and his wife who both previously worked at the los alamos national laboratory are accused of giving nuclear weapons information to an official from the government venezuela. this is just breaking. unbelievable. also folks on the campaign trail. critics say they doesn't stand a chance. already handing the senate seat to her democratic opponent.
2:22 pm
but christine o'donnell has her sights set on washington and bill o'reilly has advice for her and the republican party. he has been off the radar for years, thought to have spiraled into a tail spin of drugs and bizarre behavior. it turns out actor joaquin fiendic was really just a good actor. the power panel up next. behalfr
2:23 pm
2:24 pm
2:25 pm
2:26 pm
was passed any information. nor was anybody charged.
2:27 pm
but this guy was a ph.d, physicist. he worked at the laboratory from '79 to '88. we are going to get more from catherine herridge and others. this will be a significant story as soon as we have more details up we'll bring them to you. another fox news alert. a brand-new fox news opinion dynamic poll. 40% of voters saying they prefer a democratic candidate. that's up a little bit from this last month. but the big picture still looking bleak for the democrats. the gop advantage expand to 20 points when looking at voters who say they are extremely or very interested in this election. from america's election heated
2:28 pm
quarters sarah palin appearing in a major fundraiser in iowa. iowa? raising more questions about her plans for 2012, and fueling speculation she'll be making a run for the white house. her every move and statement cities under a microscope in search for a larger meaning. carl cameron live in des moines, iowa. carl, they don't generally swing by iowa for no reason. >> reporter: this is the first time she has been back without any ancillary business. the focus on her possible candidacy could hardly be any higher. not a big reagan dinner and she is the keynote speaker. the fox news contributor has to be considered a presidential hopeful until she gives a
2:29 pm
shermanesque i'm not running statement to the contrary. today she seems to be kicking the door open just a little bit more. back in the early 90s people said if people want me to run, i'll run, and he did. now listen to sarah palin. >> i don't know -- we know that it's not up to me. if the american people were to be ready for someone who is willing to shake it up and willing to get back to time-tested truths and help lead our country toward a more prosperous and safe future, if they happen to think i was the one, fit was best for my family on our country i would give it a shot. >> reporter: while her body language seems to suggest no as she shakes her head in the negative. the fact that she is here and by far and away the most well-known face of the tea party movement with an established popularity with evangelical conservatives
2:30 pm
means she has the fiscal and social side have much waiting to find out what she does. she was the front page headline and picture of today's des moines register even before she got here. her speech tonight and the reaction from it will have a lengthy i am pact. even if she says the tea party get behind her, she would take a shot as every other republican white house hopeful in the country recalculating their own strategies. they have all been out here looking around. megyn: campaign carl cameron, never short on issues to cover. back to our breaking news where we expect to have a live report from the department of justice on this report an american nuclear scientist gave weapons secrets to someone purporting to be from the country of venezuela. we are trying to find out whether he did work for venezuela and what exactly was given. these people are facing possible life in prison.
2:31 pm
plus the hot reporter in a hot, hot locker room controversy. was this woman just doing her job or were her jeans just asking for trouble. bill o'reilly on america live. his advice for tea party sensation and senate nominee christine o'donnell and her supporters. i'll ask him about this palin for president thing. you see me on his show all the time. now it's his turn. >> they didn't have to do that. they piled on and they didn't have to do that. megyn: you are wrong on that, too. bill: they did not have to do it.
2:32 pm
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2:35 pm
you can keep your own doctor and hospital that accepts medicare, megyn: a justice says the scientist and his wife who worked pat los alamos nuclear facility is accused of giving nuclear secrets to someone who is alleged to be from the government of venezuela. >> reporter: a couple things jump out at me. based on the first glance of the indictment. it dees pear this couple was dealing with an undercover fbi agent. this was a massive sting operation. the couple believed they have were dealing with an official representative or government official from venezuela. but from what i'm seeing in the indictment that was not the case. so the bottom line for people at
2:36 pm
home, there was never any risk of classified information or data being passed to the government of venezuela, the allegation is that was the intent of this couple in new mexico. megyn: any motivation revealed in the indictment on their part? >> i haven't finished the indictment. but one of the things i can say from my experience that caught my attention is that some of these couples have been either near or at retirement age and i wonder just personally whether they are doing this to enhance their bank accounts now that they are no longer working. in this case the man is 75 and his wife is 67. megyn: catherine herridge for us. thank you. on a different note. she says the new york jets acted unprofessionally throwing footballs at her, hooting and hollering in the locker room. her critics say she shares some
2:37 pm
of the blame. our power panel, senior writer for the daily caller. andrea and allison is cohost of fox and friend on the weekend. there was an interesting piece in the indianapolis star by this guy bob cravitz who says this is a real offense to real journalists. she is no credit to the pioneering women who went in the locker rooms and made it possible for women like her to go there. >> to whom he takes his hat off. but she has capitalized on her sexuality when it worked to her. to then cry foul when people treat you on those terms seems like it's out of bound. and she wants it both ways. megyn: you look at that picture.
2:38 pm
you have got to love the jon scott clip. she is on "happening now." he says, could those jeans be any tighter? it's a legitimate question. i have to tell you, would you go to cover a professional sporting event looking like that? >> no, because professional women want to be taken serious by for their body of work. not their body of work. her husband is her publicist. and a good publicist. the two of them are in cahoots for something more. because she seems to be driving this story. it's more about her. megyn: are we being antiwomen? it's not that we are excusing the jets. i can state for a fact that my husband will behave like a gentleman no matter who is paraded in front of him.
2:39 pm
does feminism require her to stand up and say i share no responsibility? >> she said to jon scott, the jeans fit perfect. >> i covered professional sports. i have been in the weight room at spring training. and drivers meetings at nascar events. it's's hard job. women worked really hard to get there. it's not easy to be taken seriously and she is clearly not respecting the honor that comes with that position. megyn: there was real harassment of women who first got in the locker room. for a year we watched joaquin phoenix break down. remember this from letterman? >> you were terrific in the film, i really enjoyed your work. >> thank you. [applause]
2:40 pm
megyn: then he ended that by saying we wish you were here joaquin, we are sorry you couldn't be here tonight. >> it turns out it was all a hoax for a movie he's starring in. the question is whether his career can come back from that. >> why would you after an oscar nod want to do something on this level? it makes no sense at all. he already has credibility for his acting. now we just think he really is crazy. it's very andy kaufman. remember he made those weird gestures. he wouldn't answer the questions. he started to get in pro wrestling. megyn: he was a huge star thanks to "walk the line." he will rebound from this, won't he? >> i don't know because fans don't like being duped. i thought it was real.
2:41 pm
megyn: you are the one? >> here is why. i thought we were watching somebody in the grich mental illness and i thought it wasn't a stretch to think he had become an addict. his brother died of a drug addiction. i thought he was in the grip of some sort of drug addiction or mental illness and it was sad. i'm not happy to going to pay money for this movie. megyn: the public will forgive him, will they not? >> he's young enough. but i did not believe it at first. apparently the movie called "i'm still here" is terrible. the reviews have been awful. >> that's because the director never let us in on the joke. we would have those was a better actor if we thought he was playing this part. but to feel he's actually crazy and feel empathy for him.
2:42 pm
megyn: we have to cut it short because we have breaking news at the white house. is that where we are going? sorry. that direction. but we have got to cut it short because we have breaking news with herridge. we have news, some coming out of the white house. after this break, bill o'reilly. interesting grooming. thanks. i got the idearom general mills big g cereals. they put a white check on the top of every box to let people know that their cereals have healthy whole grain, and they're the right choice... (announcer) general mills make getting whole grain an easy choice. just look for the white check.
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megyn: she sparked a anythingal political debate. critics handing the seat to her. but christine o'donnell is no shrinking violet. our next guest isn't either. he has advice for her and he has a brand-new book called pin heads and patriots. ruler of the no spin zone.
2:46 pm
mr. bill o'reilly. bill: the sub text is where you stand in the age of obama. megyn: am i in this? bill: you are mentioned in the book. a slight mention about it is a mention. megyn: i want to talk about christine o'donnell. you were talking about the one thing she needs to do if she wants to rehabilitate herself and turn her numbers around. you said for her since she has gotten this nomination on ideology, she needs to point to the other guy's ideology. bill: she has no record of achievement. i'm not bashing anybody. my job is to evaluate who is in the public arena. she is 1 years old. -- she is 41 years old. she hasn't done anything. she is a conservative who wants
2:47 pm
smaller government and lower taxes. that's a good message. so she has to articulate that message and call her opponent a far left loaa -- a far left looi believe is. she should say do you want someone who will vote for every spending bill that comes down the pike and bankrupt the country? is that what you want? i don't know what she did or didn't. my staff is looking into her now. if there is something egregious i'll report it. if it's big, we don't want a spiro agnew, we don't want a person who has done terrible things. but if it's little stuff like she couldn't manage her check account i don't care. the only way she wins in that state is to say i'm not the
2:48 pm
greatest person but i'm growing and i think i have got it. but he's a nut. he's going to hurt you. how can he defend it? this is the biggest spending guy in the world, coons. megyn: in your book you talk about the problems obama may not be able to get over. bill: it's about the reader, no it's not about obama or o'reilly. we have a president that has done things that affect you, kelly, o'reilly, everybody. in your living room, backyard, your kids. he has done things that affect you. how? what are they? i spell them out. it's not ideology. i'm not calling him a socialist. i'm saying here is what he has done and here is how it affects you. megyn: we just had the fox news opinion dynamic polls showing he's at an all-time low approval
2:49 pm
rating. bill: you know what the bad word is, it begins with an "s" and rhymes with duck. he has spent a record-breaking amount of money to get the economy up and he has failed. it may not be his fault, but that many leadership. he's not succeeding in the job. megyn: mass musen says they are tied. he said people didn't like the process. bill: it would not be an issue if the economy had come up. folks say why did you spend all this time and money on the healthcare bill and ignore the economy? megyn: he had to do healthcare because it folded into the economy. bill: that's bull. the healthcare bill has nothing to do with the economy.
2:50 pm
megyn: is he a one-term president? bill: i don't know. anything can happen. anything could happen. what i'm trying to tell everybody is this. step back from the ideology. step back. and look at what the people are doing. how effective they are in governing. is barack obama succeeding as the president? no, if the economy is the yardstick he certainly is not. that's what it's about. go with the facts. stop with the emotion. megyn: i have got to ask you one question before i let you go. i was watching your show last night. i always watch when i'm on. i was asking myself, where did this come with, caution, what's up with the arm. bill: i'm a right-handled pitcher. i paid baseball for 15 years, semi pro. i have got a good arm, i have got a good fluid motion. a little pizzas.
2:51 pm
a lit -- a little pizzaz. bill: read my book, you will be much smarter if you read it. thanks, bill. we have breaking news on the economy. speaking of it, from the white house moments ago. we'll have that for you after this break. @=h
2:52 pm
2:53 pm
2:54 pm
megyn: fox news alert more coming in on our breaking story. the department of justice allege an indictment that a scientist and his wife who both used to work at the los alamos national laboratory tried to give nuclear weapons information to someone they believed to be an official from the government of venezuela. this apparently was a sting operation. the person who received the
2:55 pm
secrets was an fbi agent and the indictment does not allege that venezuela was given nuclear information from the united states. we are getting more details on this couple. the male counterpart is pedro mazaroni, a naturalized citizen from argentina. both were former contract employees at los alamos. according to the indictment pedro told the agent he could help venezuela develop a nuclear bomb within 10 years and under his program venezuela would use a secret underground nuclear reactor to produce through tone yurepro dues plutonium.they wers
2:56 pm
morning. and they were arrested i understand this morning. made their initial appearance in federal court in albuquerque today. we do not know how this got started. but we'll find out as the days and weeks go forward whether this was a result of them trying to pedal information to venezuela or other governments and find out whether any other governments were potentially involved. but kudos to the department of justice for getting these two. another fox news alert for you. a few moments ago, white house press secretary robert gibbs took few questions from reporters including our own mike manuel during today's white house brieferring. listen to this exchange on the economy. >> infusion of capital, cutting investment taxes on small businesses. we are not going to delay doing that. i would say i think the delay is that politics get played by some
2:57 pm
on capitol hill. i have said this 100 times and i'll add one more to it. if at any point in the last two years you listen to what is said on the floor of the senate it would be mind boggling to think that republican senators who voted against legislation yesterday based on their support for cutting taxes for small business and increasing the a. capital they have access to, you wouldn't believe they would be opposed to it. the very argument that they make on extending the tax cuts for the wealthy are helping maul business. that was yesterday. that was yesterday's vote. yet despite using one argument to prop up one political act, for some reason that same logic didn't carry to something else. >> reporter: does the president regret the small business aspects were not
2:58 pm
included in the original stimulus? >> the 50% to the small business legislation for 2010 was in the twin recovery act. in fact it was -- it's such a non-controversial idea it was in effect in 2008 as part of the prior administration. so again, i think your question is a perfect example of can people put politics aside to do what they support and what is right to strengthen the economy? yesterday i think 61 -- there were 61 yes votes for doing exactly that. putting aside politics and doing what the right for the economy. there were 38 people who said no, we can't put aside politics to help small business. that's regrettably where we are in our political system. it should not be where we are in helping the businesses we know
2:59 pm
create jobs get the help they need and deserve. >> reporter: the city of los angeles controller said the two of agencies who got $11 million of recovery act funds have only created 55 jobs. $2 million a job. does the president find that upsetting? >> i have not seen the report. i would have to get information from that. >> reporter: two questions, a quick followup. megyn: threw heard it, robert gibbs taking aim at republicans for not supporting tax cuts for the middle class only. saying that, you know, that's basithat'staking aim at them fot supporting the bill targeting small businesses. so a bit of an exchange there at the white house
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